Building a Greener Environment

Headwaters is committed to sustainable business practices and products, and is proud to participate in the U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED program.

Lessening our Carbon Footprint

For starters, we’ve located our six production facilities throughout our served area to reduce shipping distance to any jobsite in the state. A key contributor to the sustainability of our production process is the use of fly ash in many of our products, a resource recovered from burning coal to create electricity. Use of fly ash in place of cement reduces demand for cement itself, of course, which helps reduce CO2 emissions during manufacture. For more information about fly ash, see

Step by Step

We’ve also learned that damaged, “unusable” concrete blocks and spillage from the manufacturing process can be crushed, screened and sorted, then recycled into new block as aggregate – concrete block itself is 45-80% recyclable. And as it takes shape in the form of schools, churches, public buildings and homes, our concrete block provides considerable thermal mass for more efficient heating and cooling. So again, our carbon footprint is lessened, and waste is reduced.

Learn how Headwaters Concrete Products can contribute to your LEED project objectives by calling: North Texas: 888.202.9272 or 817.938.8325 Houston: 713.397.8098 San Antonio: 888.464.2399 or 210.912.9946

Headwaters Incorporated is committed to improving the materials that comprise our built environment.