• Legacy Hewnstone 01
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  • Legacy Hewnstone 03
  • Legacy Hewnstone 04
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  • Legacy Hewnstone 01
  • Legacy Hewnstone 02
  • Legacy Hewnstone 03
  • Legacy Hewnstone 04
  • Legacy Hewnstone 05

Legacy Hewnstone®


Keystone Legacy Hewnstone enhances any setting with its natural cut limestone appeal.

Keystone Legacy Hewnstone Wall delivers the strong, classic look of naturally quarried limestone to any outdoor space.

The homeowner favorite uses Keystone Sculpterra® techology to create a quarried stone appearance that is perfect for small or medium walls.

Legacy Hewnstone® Product Information

    • Buff Charcoal

    Additional colors and blends available upon request. The colors seen here may not be an exact representation of the actual color. See your representative for color samples. When using color blends, we recommend working off multiple pallets to get the best color results.

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    Find a Location

    • Mark & Dig • Mark an outline of your project. Then dig a shallow trench 8 inches deep by 14 inches wide.
    • Base & Tamp • Add 4 inches of granular base material. Compact base to avoid settling.
    • Level • When burying the first course of units, it is very important to level them from front-to-back and side-to-side.
    • Stack • Place the next course of units centered over the two units below and continue until your wall is complete. Make sure your wall is not taller than 36 inches.
    • Cap • Finish the wall with a cap unit to give it a polished look. Secure in place with concrete adhesive.
    • Optional Lip Removal • To remove outside lugs or edges of retaining lip, hold unit securely or place at angle on ground. Strike the lug firmly with a hammer. Always wear safety glasses to protect eyes from chips.

Legacy Hewnstone Estimating Chart

Use this chart to estimate the number of units you will need. Wall Length is measured at wall face including curves.

Wall Height* 6' Length 12' Length 18' Length 24' Length 20' Length 36' Length
6" (1 course) 5 9 14 18 23 27
12" (2 course) 10 18 28 36 46 54
18" (3 course) 15 27 42 54 69 81
24" (4 course) 20 36 56 72 92 108
30" (5 course) 25 45 70 90 115 135
36" (6 course) 30 54 84 104 138 180

*Please Note: The Legacy Hewnstone units were designed for unreinforced wall heights no greater than 3'-0" (91 cm) high with compacted sand or gravel backfill and level grade above and below wall. Design assumes no surcharge loads. Wall height is measured from top of leveling pad. The estimating chart provides for the number of units based on selected height and length of wall. For taller wall applications, contact your local KEYSTONE Representative for design, product and reinforcing options.

Features and Benefits

  • Legacy Hewnstone’s specially tapered design simplifies constructing straight, tightly curved or terraced walls; enhancing the contours of your yard.
  • Legacy Hewnstone maintenance free blocks are lightweight and easy to handle. Their secure, interlocking design makes installation as easy as 1-2-3.
  • Perfect for: Planters, Tiered Walls, Small/Medium Walls