• Compac Straight
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  • Compac Straight
  • Compac Straight02
  • Compac Straight03
  • Compac Straight04
  • Compac Straight06

Compac® Straight Split

Compac Straight

Crisp and distinctive, Keystone Compac's straight split face effectively showcases the color within each unit; creating projects that leave a lasting impression.

Its lighter weight and shorter tail design make it easy to handle for installers and a perfect choice for projects that are larger retaining wall applications.

The improved geometry of the Keystone Compac Unit allows for easier installation and increased connection strength with geogrid reinforcement.

Also Available: Compac® Tri-Plane | Compac® Regency

Keystone Compac® Product Information

  • Headwaters Concrete Products is strategically located to serve the North Texas, Houston and San Antonio metropolitan areas, East Texas and Louisiana. We also service areas outside of Texas and Louisiana. All locations are open to the public.

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    • STEP ONE | Prepare the base leveling pad. Remove all surface vegetation and debris.
    • STEP TWO | Install & level the base course. Place the first course of units.
    • STEP THREE | Insert the fiberglass pins. Place the pins into the holes.
    • STEP FOUR | Install core fill & compaction. Provide crushed stone drainage fill.
    • STEP FIVE | Install additional courses. Place the next course of units over the pins.
    • STEP SIX | Capping the wall. Continue all steps until ready to place the wall cap.


Height Length Depth Weight Units/Sq Ft
8" 18" 12" 71-76 lbs 1

Features and Benefits

  • Unit shape allows for tight radius curves and vertical core alignment
  • Shorter tail design makes for easier handling in the field.
  • Triangular shaped pin receiving hole allows for installer-friendly construction adjustments
  • Near vertical or battered setback construction options.
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