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Compac® Regency

Regency Unit

The Keystone Compac - Regency is a scored unit which, when combined with the straight split unit, creates an ashlar-like pattern for stunning results.

A specifier’s favorite, Keystone Compac features unrivaled aesthetic options, cost saving versatility and proven wall performance. Installer’s prefer the Compac’s lighter weight and shorter tail design which make it easy to handle. Trusted by architects, engineers and contractors around the world, the Keystone Compac unit utilizes the proven Keystone pin connection system. The Keystone Compac Regency delivers an ashlar aesthetic with the efficiencies of a Compac III unit installation.

Also Available: Compac® Straight Split | Compac® Tri-Plane

Compac Regency Product Information

    • Sand Tan
    • Tan & Black

    Additional colors and blends available upon request. The colors seen here may not be an exact representation of the actual color. See your representative for color samples. When using color blends, we recommend working off multiple pallets to get the best color results.

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    • Prepare the Base Leveling Pad:Excavate the base trench to the designed width and depth. Start the leveling pad at the lowest elevation along the wall alignment. Step up in 8" (200mm) increments with the base as required at elevation change in the foundation. Level the prepared base with maximum lifts of 6" (150mm) of well compacted granular fill (gravel, road base, or ½" to ¾" [10 - 20mm] crushed stone). Compact to 95% Standard Proctor or greater. Do not use PEA GRAVEL or SAND for leveling pad.
    • Install the Base Course: Place the first course of Keystone units end to end (with face of wall corners touching) on the prepared base. The receiving pin holes should face upward, as shown. Make sure each unit is level. Leveling the first course is critical for accurate and acceptable results. Keystone recommends minimum embedment depth for below grade placement of Keystone units on a ratio of 1" (25mm) below grade for each 8" (200mm) of wall height above grade or one unit, whichever is greater.
    • Insert the Fiberglass Pins: Place the straight fiberglass pins into the holes of each Keystone unit as required. Once placed, the pins create an automatic setback for the additional courses. Place pins in the front holes for near vertical (1⁄8" or [3mm]) setback and the rear holes for 11⁄8" (29mm) setback per course
    • Install Fill & Compaction: Provide ½"-¾" (10 - 20mm) clean crushed stone drainage fill behind the units to a minimum distance behind the tail of one foot (300mm). Fill all open spaces between units and open cavities/cores with the same drainage material. Proceed to place backfill in maximum 6-8" (150 - 200mm) layers and compact to 95% Standard Proctor with the appropriate compaction equipment.
    • Install Additional Courses: Place the next course of Keystone units over the fiberglass pins, fitting the pins into the triangular shaped receiving hole in the units above. Push the units toward the face of the wall until they make full contact with the pins. Continue backfilling and building to desired top elevation.
    • Capping the Wall: Complete your wall with the appropriate Keystone capping units. With units dry and clean, use exterior construction grade adhesive on the top surface of the last course before applying cap units. Backfill and compact to finish grade.

Compac Regency Dimensions

Pin Specifications: ½" x 5¼" Fiberglass Alignment Pins

Height Length Depth Weight Units/Sq Ft
8" 18" 12" 71-76 lbs 1

Features and Benefits

  • Scored unit creates an ashlar like pattern for stunning results.
  • Natural stone texture appearance.
  • Unit shape allows for tight radius curves and vertical core alignment.
  • Shorter tail design makes for easier handling in the field.
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