water repellent

Integral Water Repellents

Water Repellent Admixtures protect concrete masonry and masonry structures from the damaging effects of water penetration, leakage, and capillary absorption.

Headwaters Concrete Products stock water repellents / admixtures at each of our plant locations. Below is a list of common stock items.

Eucon Blocktite

EUCON BLOCKTITE is a ready-to-use liquid admixture formulated to resist moisture penetration and migration in concrete masonry products. This unique polymer formula is added directly to the concrete mixture.

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Blocktite Mortar Admixture

BLOCKTITE MORTAR ADMIXTURE is formulated to prevent moisture intrusion in masonry structures, and is a component of the BLOCKTITE Water Repellent Admixture System.

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Krete Block Gard

An integral admixture designed for zero-slump concrete products to impede water penetration and reduce efflorescence on a long duration basis. Use with KRETE GARD MORTAR MIX to ensure durability.

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Krete Gard Mortar Mix

An integral polymeric admix for mortar, to be used in the Krete BGP, Krete Block Gard, and Krete HQ systems for water-repellent masonry.

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