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Concrete Masonry Homes

When you pull up to a beautiful home, more than likely you will not be able to distinguish how the home is held up (wood frame, concrete frame, etc). This is because of the covering of the home, that being stucco, brick or vinyl siding to name a few. However, the benefits of building a house with a concrete masonry frame aren’t always apparent at first glance. The benefits show up in the form of having a stronger, safer and sustainable home. Additionally, lower maintenance cost and lower energy bills is experienced years down the road, after the home is purchased or constructed.

Flexible Design and Benefits

Building a home with concrete masonry provides a lot of flexibility and many design options. Homes built with concrete have some amazing masonry framing capabilities, and have an unlimited variety of curves and angles, and can offer design styles that are tailored to your needs. There are many design options to chose from including traditional, transitional, contemporary, modern, southwestern, mediterranean or ranch home styles. You can also choose from many exterior surfaces options for your concrete framed masonry home. These options may include brick, stone, architectural masonry, stucco, and fiber-cement siding. Flexibility and design options are as diverse as your ability to be creative. Concrete masonry framing provides your home incredible strength and lasting durability. It provides better energy efficiency, termite, fire and mold resistance, and a much higher level of protection from violent weather. Best of all, because concrete masonry framing offers amazing design flexibility, it can be incorporated into virtually any style home you want to build.